Thyme Products – Herbal Salts and Infusions

Our Seasonal Infusions and Herbal Salt Soaks are created for restoration, rejuvenation and general balancing of both mind and body. All are made to order and we keep our range limited to ensure freshness and quality. We do offer group workshops for creating your own individualised package of Infusion blends and herbal soaks and also provide a bespoke formulation service to cater for those who relish excellent herbal products.

Popular Infusion Blends

Under the weather 

Elderflower, peppermint and yarrow  

a classic folk recipe for those feeling ‘the cold’  


Lemon balm, chamomile, lavender

calming balance in a mug

Misty Moors  

Rose, peppermint and rosehips

instant relief for brain fog


elderflower, lemon verbena and nettle

providing a little lift in the afternoon.


Peppermint, nettle, lemon & thyme

Not for the faint hearted – this one screams movement.

Switch off                     

chamomile, lime blossom & calendula

For drifting away to a calmer place.

All our herbal teas are responsibly sourced, prepared in The Brew Room and come with recommended infusing instructions. They can be made as either hot or cold (infused overnight) drinks.

Foot / Hand Soaks

Our 100% natural herbal range are blended with Epsom salts to make perfect Foot / Hand soaks. The extra magnesium and sulphur content in the salts is more suited to transdermal absorption of the herbs and oils and helps with overall detoxification.    


for kickstarting the mind – where concentration and focus is needed or when suffering from upper respiratory and sinus congestion.

All the chosen herbs have longstanding use as antivirals and are amongst our favourite for many of the herbal recipes. Containing rosemary to ease congestion, open up the airways and focus the mindthyme a powerful anti viral stimulant often used for throat and chest complaints and orange to provide a balance of fragrance and to soothe the skin.


comfort blanket for the skin – a true aquatic hug after a long day.

Containing Wild Rose the perfect partner for nurturing in times of stress and grief or simply when a little comfort is required. The petals are intensely calming on the nervous system and tend to lift the spirits on sight. Peppermint  just a smidge to calm the digestive system and help diffuse any tension headaches and lavender to calm the nervous system and settle any anxiety.

Purchase either in a 100% degradable clear bag with gift ribbon or in a refillable glass clip jar as pictured.